Yinz Yang is a Pittsburgh-themed design company founded in 2009 by Ms. Pittsburgh, an artist and native Pittsburgher, in the interest of providing thought-provoking, classily designed merchandise to reflect the amazing connections that we as Pittsburghers enjoy between ourselves, our sports teams and our fine city. In the spring of 2010, a low-point for the city's collective morale, Ms. Pittsburgh, who had been living in New York City at the time, felt called upon to return to Pittsburgh to restore spiritual balance. Each design in the Yinz Yang line offers a vision of harmony between the inevitable highs and lows of sports and life that can be turned to for reassurance in times of both sublime glory and utter defeat. It is our genuine hope that each Yinz Yang product we sell conveys a slice of our world view in a way that is intellectually stimulating, honest and humorous.